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Tuesday, May 27 2008

Free Army of Two Map Pack  by Craig D at 15:58

This Thursday will apparently see the release of a free map pack for EA's Army of Two. The 'Veteran Map Pack' contains two new co-op campaign missions as well as an enhanced multi-player map. It should be available on both Xbox Marketplace and the Playstation Network.

Players will experience an all-new map as they find themselves underground in a subway station in Kiev where they must find and destroy the central hub of a dangerous militia. The second map takes players back to SSC headquarters in Miami where they finally get the chance to take out Dalton, Rios and Salem’s ex-boss and the man responsible for framing them, in an intense boss fight where the glory of revenge is finally felt. The Veteran Map Pack features dynamic and interactive environments including destructible objects that were not available in the retail version. The action also continues online with two-on-two teams battling it out in the China Canal Lock map.
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Eat your heart out Nego!
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