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Wednesday, April 16 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Dated  by Craig D at 10:23

EA have announced that the upcoming console installment in the Battlefield franchise Battlefield: Bad Company will be released to retail on June 23rd. A gold edition will alos be available which features all sorts of extra content as well as five unique weapons which can only otherwise be unlocked by reaching highest rank in the game.

"Players can forget about using walls as cover as we’ve fundamentally changed the way to play shooters offline and online through the use of tactical destruction," says Karl-Magnus Troedsson, Senior Producer for Battlefield: Bad Company. "Players will get the chance to reap the spoils of war this summer as they annihilate the enemy and search for gold in the dark, character-driven, single player storyline while returning Battlefield fans will love the intense and vehicle heavy multiplayer."
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