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Tuesday, April 15 2008

de Blob Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:44

Large set of de Blob screenshots now. Blue Tongue's action puzzle title is due in June on Wii with a DS version planned also.
de Blob, screenshot_002.jpg de Blob, screenshot_003.jpg de Blob, screenshot_008.jpg de Blob, screenshot_010.jpg de Blob, screenshot_012.jpg
de Blob, screenshot_013.jpg de Blob, screenshot_014.jpg de Blob, screenshot_019.jpg de Blob, screenshot_022.jpg de Blob, screenshot_024.jpg
de Blob, screenshot_029.jpg de Blob, screenshot_030.jpg de Blob, screenshot_031.jpg de Blob, screenshot_035.jpg de Blob, screenshot_038.jpg
de Blob, screenshot_041.jpg de Blob, screenshot_042.jpg de Blob, screenshot_043.jpg de Blob, screenshot_047.jpg de Blob, screenshot_053.jpg
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