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Tuesday, April 15 2008

Samba de Amigo Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:36

Here's a batch of Samba de Amigo screenshots, the Wii remake of the classic Dreamcast title is coming later this spring via Gearbox Software and SEGA.
Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13307screenshot_001.jpg Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13308screenshot_004.jpg Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13309screenshot_005.jpg Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13310screenshot_007.jpg Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13311screenshot_013.jpg
Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13312screenshot_017.jpg Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13313screenshot_018.jpg Samba de Amigo, samba_de_amigo_nintendo_wiiscreenshots13314screenshot_021.jpg  
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15 April 2008 17:00
He He, The kids loved this on the DC,there going to be happy its coming out on the wii

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