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Monday, March 31 2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Boycott  by Craig D at 20:26

Sarcastic Gamer have an amusing boycott trailer up on their site by way of a complaint in the appropriate sarcastic way about EA decision to charge extra for things like guns as downloadable content in their upcoming shooter.

Made me laugh anyway, on a more serious note I'm finding the whole micro payments for downloadable content to be getting quite worrying now. We're definitely on a slippery slope.
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Posts: 2696
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31 March 2008 20:32
Yep total piss take they charge you for a full game then for stuff that should have come with it, have you heard about EA charging as much for the downloadable cars in NFS Carbon as you would pay for the full game, and the cars are ALREADY in the game. They are just selling them twice for people who cannot be arsed to play the game to unlock them.
Posts: 2826
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31 March 2008 20:33
In america they Charged $50 for NFS and then $50 again for all the unlocks.. Such a con.
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31 March 2008 21:00
I have been saying I am worried about downloadable content ever since it was first announced for games like Oblivion, it can just be used as such a piss taking money cow.

Like Sony mentioned you could buy gt5 for about £10 and then pay £1 for every car or track, now at first you can imagine a parent saying yes honey you can have my credit card for £1 to buy a new car. Then they get the bill and are charged £300 cos the kid has bought every car and track in the game. It is just a total piss take, although to be fair I am not sure if sony stopped that idea with all the flack they got.
Posts: 2103
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01 April 2008 09:38
On the plus side i just got a free weapon in an email, (i hope homeland security arnt reading this ), maybe they are trying to buy the love
Posts: 921
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01 April 2008 22:51
If they think I am gona buy this game they can suck my plumbs !
Posts: 548
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02 April 2008 17:34
ps3 as well for dlc any1 know?

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