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Wednesday, March 19 2008

Bionic Commando 'HIKER' Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:43

Here's three more Bionic Commando screenshots, these feature the Drayton AA-9 HIKER (High-Impulse Kinetic Energy Round Weapon). Grin and Capcom's re-imagined action title is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 later this Spring.

The AA-9 HIKER (High-Impulse Kinetic Energy Round Weapon) is a shoulder-fired, burst-mode anti-armor weapon with unique design characteristics.

A single trigger-pull releases a rapid-fire burst of eight 12.7mm copper-core Penetrator slugs followed by a single 15.5mm round.

A single oversized cartridge houses all nine rounds in individual rifled chambers. The cartridge corkscrews backwards through the mechanism as each round fires in rapid sequence, with a friction-damping system absorbing most of the heavy recoil. The empty cartridge is ejected from the rear of the weapon over the user’s shoulder.

When aimed from the shoulder from a tightly-braced stance, all nine shots will typically group with a reasonable degree of accuracy and precision. The initial eight slugs successively penetrate even the toughest vehicle armor to cause massive internal secondary fragmentation, followed by the high-explosive round to deliver the final coup de grace.
Bionic Commando, capcom_screenshots_9810hiker_ingame_wm_01_copy_copy.jpg Bionic Commando, capcom_screenshots_9811hiker_ingame_wm_02_copy_copy.jpg Bionic Commando, capcom_screenshots_9812hiker_ingame_wm_03_copy_copy.jpg
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