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Tuesday, February 26 2008

Guild Wars Series Hits 5 Million Sales Mark  by Craig D at 15:31

NCsoft and ArenaNet have today revealed that their Guild Wars MMORPG series has now sold in excess of 5 million copies is Europe, North America, and Asia. That's not bad at all, more proof that PC gaming is indeed live and kicking perhaps.

"Guild Wars is a proven success and has set a new standard for online RPG games with its unique business model and superior playability," said NCsoft CEO Taek Jin Kim. "ArenaNet is dedicated to creating games that expand the market and provide great new content to our loyal player base. This success has built a great foundation from which the next generation of Guild Wars games will grow."
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26 February 2008 19:33
I think those sales figures are a tad miss leading. For starters those numbers will include all of the expansions sold as seperate entities I imagine.

Also with it being a non subscription game I know a lot of players, including myself, bought it at launch because of this just to try it out.

While 5 million is indeed a nice number I doubt it is any where close to representing it's user base.

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