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Friday, February 15 2008

Battlefield Heroes Developer Blog: Nailing the Look  by Craig D at 11:13

The second Battlefield Heroes developer blog is now up, this one is title 'Nailing the Look' and mainly covers the artistic design process.

When approaching Gustav about the visual style for Battlefield Heroes there were a few things that I had in mind:

1. We need to differentiate Battlefield Heroes from our very successful current games — Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142
2. Battlefield Heroes absolutely isn’t Battlefield 3, so we need to reinforce that fact with our visual style
3. This is a game about creating, customizing and leveling up your own unique over-the-top war hero
4. We want to clearly communicate the fact that this game is about FUN
5. Our graphics need to look awesome on a high-end PC, but still look good on a low-end laptop

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