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Friday, December 14 2007

Dawn of War - Soulstorm Celestian Squad Media  by Craig D at 14:51

Dawn of War - Soulstorm screenshots and another small vignette, these show off the 'Celestian squad', though I'm not quite sure who they are, Dark Eldar perhaps.

Dawn of War - Soulstorm is coming in Spring 2008.
Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 43043_dark_eldar_overview.jpg Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 43044_relic00332.jpg Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 43045_relic00371.jpg
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15 December 2007 23:29
These ladies are loosely affiliated to the Space Marines , they are hardcore religious fanatics favoring flame weapons in order to purge the daemon scourge lol

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