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Tuesday, December 04 2007

WarHawk: Omega Dawn Screenshots  by Craig D at 14:26

Here's a few WarHawk: Omega Dawn screenshots, the WarHawk expansion is coming to the Playstation store this month prices at $7.99. As I don't have a PS3 to check, I can't see if it's already available or not.
WarHawk, omega_11.jpg WarHawk, omega_21.jpg WarHawk, omega_25.jpg WarHawk, omega_27.jpg WarHawk, omega_3.jpg
WarHawk, omega_30.jpg WarHawk, omega_44.jpg WarHawk, omega_51.jpg WarHawk, omega_54.jpg WarHawk, omega_6.jpg
Tags: WarHawk
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