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Friday, November 30 2007

More Dawn of War - Soulstorm Media  by Craig D at 11:53

It's time for details on two more new units in the upcoming Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War expansion Soulstorm, this time we meet the Dark Eldar Haemonculus- and the Space Marine Living Saint.

A few Dawn of War - Soulstorm screenshots start us off followed by a small vignette of each to download and watch. Details of each unit's abilities can be seen below.

Dawn of War - Soulstorm is due in Spring 2008.

Living Saint

There are those disciples of the Emperor so devout, so consumed with righteous fury, that they ascend to a level of power that mere mortals cannot dream of. Ascension to such heights happens but rarely – only a handful of times every millennium – yet now such a being has come again, and few can stand in its path.

The Living Saint is a conduit for the Emperor’s spirit, a sort of avatar through which His will may be done. Appearing as a vast shining angel, the Living Saint wields the Ardent Blade, a flaming sword that can burn through even the thickest armor with ease. Each swing of the Blade lights enemies ablaze, causing havoc and terror among their ranks. In especially dire situations, the Blade’s power can be channeled into a burning wall of pure destructive power, instantly annihilating anything caught within.

And from such fury there is nowhere that one can flee. The Saint can fly across the battlefield, striking wherever she is needed. None can outrun the vengeance of the God-Emperor, and her wings shall darken the sky as she descends upon any who try. Yet if any are mad enough to stay and do battle, even the successful will meet with despair – for the Emperor does not relinquish His hold easily, and the Saint may rise again if ever she falls on the field of battle.

Behold! The Living Saint has been declared, anointed in blood and gifted with the power of miracle – would you dare to oppose the will of a god?


Even in the twisted city of Commorragh, vile homeland of the Dark Eldar, the Haemonculi stand apart for their cruelty. Virtuosos of torture, the Haemonculi live only to hear the screams of their agonized victims. To these foul beings, there is no higher delight than torture, no finer joy than despair. They exist apart from Dark Eldar society, and serve no master but themselves – yet, always needing new subjects for their "experiments", the Haemonculi will often forge tenuous alliances with an Archon’s Kabal to take advantage of the fruits of Dark Eldar raiding parties.

Bringing their love of suffering to the battlefield, the Haemonculi leave fear and devastation in their wake. Their weapons are unique, designed for pain and terror more than any tactical consideration. At range, they wield the Destructor, a cannon that spits globs of acid at the enemy, eating away at skin, bone, muscle, and the very sanity of their foes. And if they must fight up close, they use the vicious Scissorhand, snipping off bits and chunks of their enemy’s flesh until the victim has bled to death or flees in horror.

Further, their time in the torture chambers has led them to experiment with a variety of technologies, many with applications in war. Perhaps most deadly among these is the Stinger, a poisoned dart that infects the target’s bloodstream, bringing them closer to death with every second. More horrifying still, the Stinger pumps the victim’s blood with explosive compounds, often causing their bodies to explode in a rain of gore and broken bone that shreds nearby soldiers like shrapnel.

Beware the Haemonculi, masters of torment. Pray that you must never face them in battle. Pray that they do not take you alive.
Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 42690_dark_eldar_attack.jpg Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 42691_living_saint_01.jpg Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 42692_living_saint_02.jpg Dawn of War - Soulstorm, 42693_sister_with_saint_tank.jpg
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