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Monday, November 26 2007

Deus Ex 3 Revealed  by Craig D at 20:26

The first Deus Ex game is seen by many as seminal, a true classic, so it's perhaps the best news we've had for days that Eidos Montreal would seem to have le slip that Deus Ex 3 in under way.

As to what platforms it will appear on? Your guess is as good as mine and that would most likely be PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 yes? We shall see.

Thanks Bluesnews
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26 November 2007 21:54
Please please please be good
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27 November 2007 09:05
The first Deus Ex game was one of my all time favorites, and winner of the 'oh my god i can't believe i've just played that for 6 hours award' here's hoping this one lives up to it's legacy!
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28 November 2007 18:25

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