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Friday, October 19 2007

Commando 3 Announced  by Craig D at 14:38

Capcom decided to get all old skool and have announced Commando 3, instantly recognisable to most no doubt, I spent far to much time playing it's predecessors for sure. No release date yet, but it is coming to Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

General Ratiev, evil leader of the Zalestad nation must be stopped. At the player’s disposal is a huge arsenal of weaponry, controllable vehicles, and a rag-tag group of specialized soldiers, each with their own unique characteristics. Thankfully, players aren't alone in this mission; up to three players can enjoy the classic arcade-style experience together on a single console or online. Commando 3 even compensates for the multiplayer mode by dynamically shifting difficulty levels based on the number of players in the game, ensuring that the game always poses a challenge. The Commando 3 soundtrack is being created by Norihiko Hibino, an international composer well-known for his work creating music for the Metal Gear series of games. With a comprehensive scoring system and online leaderboards, players can see how they compare to the best digital soldiers in the world!

Here's the first Commando 3 screenshots.
Commando 3, ss10_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss1_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss2_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss3_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss4_png_jpgcopy.jpg
Commando 3, ss5_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss6_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss7_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss8_png_jpgcopy.jpg Commando 3, ss9_png_jpgcopy.jpg

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