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Friday, October 19 2007

Bionic Commando Screenshots  by Craig D at 10:39

Here's our first set of Bionic Commando screenshots. Capcom's just announced remake of the NES title is in production at Grin in Sweden and is coming to PC, Xbox 360 and Playsation 3.
Bionic Commando, gamersday04_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday11_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday12_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday13_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday14_tga_jpgcopy.jpg
Bionic Commando, gamersday15_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday16_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday17_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday20_tga_jpgcopy.jpg Bionic Commando, gamersday22_tga_jpgcopy.jpg
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