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Thursday, September 20 2007

Beautiful Katamari Screenshots  by Craig D at 13:25

More craziness now with a set of Beautiful Katamari screenshots. Namco Bandai's Xbox 360 title defies most sensible classification, it looks and sounds (see below) crackers.

For the first time, Beautiful Katamari takes the popular franchise online worldwide with a high-rolling 4-player VS mode where Katamari fans from around the globe will be able to compete against each other in a "Thingy Battle." The objective of this battle mode is to roll up the most of one particular item (decided by the King of all Cosmos, of course) in order to show the King you are the best planet-creator around. The player with the most items collected at the end of the time limit will win the session and the love of the King. With five different online stages that vary in space and time, the fun and addicting online VS mode will have Katamari fans hooked.

In addition to the VS mode, Beautiful Katamari will include online worldwide leaderboards for the number of presents and cousins collected in the single player game, as well as a worldwide online ranking that shows off players' individual scores for the online VS mode. Keeping in line with the quirky theme, the game also includes a planet called "Everyone's Katamari" that shows the combined size of everyone's Katamari by a cow grazing in a field. The more the world rolls up, the larger the cow becomes! Mooooooooooo!
Beautiful Katamari, 01_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 02_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 03_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 04_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 05_tif_jpgcopy.jpg
Beautiful Katamari, 06_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 07_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 08_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 09_tif_jpgcopy.jpg Beautiful Katamari, 10_tif_jpgcopy.jpg
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