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Thursday, September 13 2007

Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation Review  by Craig D at 11:03

The latest title in Nival Interactive's World War II RTS series is due in stores at the end of this month and. Mike seemed to think that Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation is a well made title that's somewhat too difficult for the average gamer. Hardcore strategy nuts should enjoy it tough.

Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation is hard. So hard that, if Winston Churchill himself was presented with Nival Interactive's latest, he would have wheezed and spluttered, hurled the mouse through the nearest window and stormed off, yelling that Hitler was welcome to Europe if it was that much fuss to defend. It just wouldn't be worth the hours of defeat and heartache that Blitzkrieg 2: Liberation flings at the unsuspecting amateur general.

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