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Thursday, September 06 2007

Dawnspire Prowler Screenshots  by Craig D at 16:16

Here's nine Dawnspire screenshots, these are of the sixth character class just added to Silent Grove Studios' on-line action game; the Prowler.

Dawnspire can only be purchased on-line and has no monthly fees.
Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_01.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_02.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_03.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_04.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_05.jpg
Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_06.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_07.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_08.jpg Dawnspire, ds_prowlerscreen_09.jpg  
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