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Wednesday, August 29 2007

WarHawk Screenshots  by James B at 21:28

Sony's futuristic multi-player warfare title WarHawk launched in the US yesterday, and to celebrate we have some newscreenshots in our gallery for you to browse.
WarHawk, creategame.jpg WarHawk, customization_character.jpg WarHawk, joingamemenu.jpg WarHawk, screenshot106.jpg WarHawk, screenshot164.jpg
WarHawk, screenshot166.jpg WarHawk, screenshot168.jpg WarHawk, screenshot172.jpg WarHawk, screenshot205.jpg WarHawk, screenshot264.jpg
WarHawk, screenshot335.jpg WarHawk, screenshot341.jpg WarHawk, screenshot45.jpg  
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29 August 2007 21:54
watched some vids of this it looks good fun, bit like bf2. Kinda annoyed i gotta wait another 3 weeks for the bluray version tho, its out on PSN tommoz but i want the bluetooth headset the retail version comes with
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30 August 2007 00:06

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