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Thursday, August 23 2007

BioShock patch servers crash  by Craig L at 11:58

GameSpot is reporting this morning that the BioShock patch servers have gone down.

Installing BioShock on a PC requires a user's computer to connect to 2K's auto patch servers before the game can be played, something made impossible for some time today when the 2K servers crashed. 2K's own forums were alight with disgruntled BioShock buyers who were prevented from playing the game due to the required connection.

I received my copy in the post this morning (ahead of the official UK release date) and can't bypass the patch screen either. Prior to the patch servers going down, some gamers had reported that they could activate early on the 2K Forums. Let's hope the servers come back online soon!

Update: As of this afternoon, they're now back up and running.
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Posts: 2103
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23 August 2007 13:45
Got my copy too that big daddy figure is pro, Want to take it out the bax and attack my flat mates with it
Posts: 185
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23 August 2007 13:48
It is! I was surprised how well made the figure was actually, I was half expecting some lightweight tat, but it's really solid.

Patch servers seem to be up and running again now, too!
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23 August 2007 14:37
Posts: 2103
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23 August 2007 17:58
Right the server are up.. but it plays in a windows (1920x1600 window) even tho "lay in window" is set to no? any ideas any one?

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