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Wednesday, August 22 2007

Beowulf Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:41

Some more Beowulf screenshots and concept artwork can be found in the gallery. Beowulf is due in November 2007 and is of course the licensed game of the Paramount Pictures movie, it's going to be a busy month.
Beowulf, beowulf_ca_carnalrgb_july5.jpg Beowulf, beo_ca_thanes_june13__1024x768_.jpg Beowulf, beo_grabbing_troll_june13__1024x768_.jpg Beowulf, beo_posing_troll_june13__1024x768_.jpg Beowulf, beo_screenshot_map13.jpg
Beowulf, beo_screen_map16.jpg Beowulf, beo_screen_map9b.jpg  
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