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Wednesday, August 22 2007

Assassin's Creed Screenshots  by Craig D at 12:00

It's Leipzig asset overload time and first out of the gate is UbiSoft, here's a set of new Assassin's Creed screenshots, this much anticipated action title is due on PC, Xbox 360 and Playsation 3 in November.
Assassins Creed, 179__assassin_s_creed__s__acre___portfight_.jpg Assassins Creed, 180__assassin_s_creed__s__acre___portoverview_.jpg Assassins Creed, 181__assassin_s_creed__s__acre___porttraffic_.jpg Assassins Creed, 182__assassin_s_creed__s__jerusalem___jumpinthesun_.jpg Assassins Creed, 183__assassin_s_creed__s__acre___friendlycover_.jpg
Assassins Creed, 193__assassin_s_creed__s__jerusalem___talalencounter_.jpg Assassins Creed, 195__assassin_s_creed__s__acre___jumpingaround_.jpg  
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