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Monday, August 20 2007

Crossfire Becomes Conflict: Denied Ops  by Craig D at 21:10

Three Conflict: Denied Ops screenshots cna be found in the gallery tonight, the co-op shooter formerly known as Crossfire apparently features highly destructible environments.

"This is our first chance to develop a Conflict game for next-gen platforms," said Alex McLean, Technical Director at Pivotal. "Working on the 360 and PS3 we’ve been able to take the series to new heights, with true next-gen lighting, advanced enemy AI, an explosive environment and unique tactical co-op gameplay. CONFLICT: DENIED OPS marks a new era for the Conflict series."

Eidos will publish Conflict: Denied Ops on PC, Xbox 360 an Playstation 3 in 2008.
Conflict: Denied Ops, eidosannouncesc26005.jpg Conflict: Denied Ops, eidosannouncesc26006.jpg Conflict: Denied Ops, eidosannouncesc26007.jpg
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