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Thursday, August 09 2007

Battlefield 2 Stats Outage Compensation  by Craig D at 19:10

Battlefield 2 Logo EA would seem to have taken the decision to compensate all active players for the statistics issues in June, some stats from 64 player servers do appear to have been lost in the period and therefore all players active within the affected period will receive 2000 points and a gold star.

Better than nothing I'm sure but I bet plenty of players have missed out on all sorts of medals and awards.

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10 August 2007 03:33
aaaah !!!
i bet lots of players didnt noticed..i did because i was lacking +/-1000 points for promotion....today i was promoted but didnt now why...and nobody on the server seemed to know about this "bonus".....geez, for a sec i thought some1 pirated my account and offerd me some points

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