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Friday, August 03 2007

Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation Screenshots  by Craig D at 12:01

Another large batch of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation screenshots to start off the day. Namco's air combat game is due on Xbox 360 in the Autumn, this is one 360 game I wish was coming to PC, it should be great fun with a flight-stick and can of course be bought with one in a bundle for your Xbox 360.
Ace Combat 6, battleroyal_stage2_6.jpg Ace Combat 6, battleroyal_stage3_3en.jpg Ace Combat 6, img20070626_142659.jpg Ace Combat 6, img20070626_195658.jpg Ace Combat 6, teambattle_stage1_6.jpg
Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image1.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image2b.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image351.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image354.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image357.jpg
Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image394.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image398.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image400.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image411.jpg Ace Combat 6, xtg_kanno_image5.jpg
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03 August 2007 16:58
Drool, I want
Posts: 2826
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04 August 2007 14:54
The trailer on their website look so cool.

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