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Friday, July 27 2007

Beowulf Announced  by Craig D at 13:48

Here's the first set of Beowulf screenshots. There's also a small trailer from UbiSoft's multi platform title in which players play out the life of the Norse legend in the saga of Beowulf.

Beowulf is due in November to coincide with the launch of the upcoming Robert Zemeckis movie.
Beowulf, beowulf_the_game.jpg Beowulf, beo_screenshot_map14a.jpg Beowulf, beo_screenshot_map2b.jpg Beowulf, beo_screen_drakkar.jpg Beowulf, beo_screen_map6.jpg
Beowulf, beo_screen_map9.jpg Beowulf, beo_screen_map9d.jpg  
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29 July 2007 22:36
Trailer actually makes it look quite interesting, not really my bag though.

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