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Monday, July 23 2007

Aion: The Tower of Eternity Screenhsots  by Craig D at 14:09

Aion: The Tower of Eternity screenshots complete the set of upcoming NCsoft MMO images. This particular title doesn't yet have a release date but sure it pretty.
Aion, aion_may_25_07__01_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__02_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__03_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__04_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__05_.jpg
Aion, aion_may_25_07__1_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__2_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__3_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__4_.jpg Aion, aion_may_25_07__5_.jpg
Aion, aion_screenshot01.jpg Aion, aion_screenshot02.jpg Aion, aion_screenshot03.jpg Aion, aion_screenshot04.jpg  
Tags: Aion
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