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Thursday, July 12 2007

Conan E3 Media  by Craig D at 18:59

Time for some Conan, Nihilistic Software's console action title rather than the MMO of course, here's six Conan screenshots and the 76mb E3 trailer. Might keep you interested until the game ships in 2008 on Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.
Conan, 40093_conanmicrosoftx.jpg Conan, 40094_conanmicrosoftx.jpg Conan, 40095_conanmicrosoftx.jpg Conan, 40096_conanmicrosoftx.jpg Conan, 40097_conanmicrosoftx.jpg
Conan, 40098_conanmicrosoftx.jpg  
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