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Thursday, July 12 2007

Stranglehold E3 Stuff  by Craig D at 12:55

Hard Boiled E3 action now with some Stranglehold screenshots and the HD E3 Trailer from Midway's upcoming action title, it's due at the end of September.

Just in case that's not enough info, you could check out the now live official Stranglehold web site.
Stranglehold, e3_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_2_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_3_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_4_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_5_2007.jpg
Stranglehold, e3_6_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_7_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_8_2007.jpg Stranglehold, e3_9_2007.jpg  
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