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Thursday, July 05 2007

Bounty Bay Online Screenshots  by Craig D at 20:59

Here's the first reasonably sized batch of Bounty Bay Online screenshots, Frogster's pirate inspired MMO is now in beta and at the moment it is still scheduled to 'ship' in July.
Bounty Bay Online, bounty_bay_online_1.jpg Bounty Bay Online, bounty_bay_online_2.jpg Bounty Bay Online, laguna_castle.jpg Bounty Bay Online, pirate_on_ship.jpg Bounty Bay Online, sailors_at_strand.jpg
Bounty Bay Online, screenshot_0007.jpg Bounty Bay Online, screenshot_0031.jpg Bounty Bay Online, screenshot_0267.jpg Bounty Bay Online, screenshot_0965.jpg Bounty Bay Online, o_screenshot_0976.jpg
Bounty Bay Online, screenshot_54.jpg Bounty Bay Online, screenshot____29_.jpg Bounty Bay Online, sea_battle_night.jpg  
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Posts: 185
Post rank 2 out of 5
05 July 2007 21:36
'Ship'. Arf!
Posts: 6957
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05 July 2007 21:52
I try, albeit not very hard.
Posts: 288
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05 July 2007 22:11
Poor showing mani!

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