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Wednesday, December 01 2004

Flying Bogs?  by Craig D at 00:36

Well, this is well worth checking out, steampowered.com news.

It's just an image for those who can't be arsed clicking, but it is an interesting one, to me, this looks like official HL2 DM action. This is Valves suprise for the community? A nice one if it is.

**Update** Saw a link to this forum post on steampowered.com over on bluesnews, given the name of the image, that pretty much confirms that the suprise Valve had for the community, is indeed Half-Life2 Death Match.

I hope I'm not the 1st person to be killed by a flying toilet, ohhh the shame...
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01 December 2004 07:36
Yey Yey and Yey some more!!
DM is gonna be carnage witht he grav gun

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