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Tuesday, June 05 2007

Army of Two Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:07

Here's nine more Army of Two screenshots. EA's next gen console co-op shooter is due later this year the last I heard but officially the release date is not yet known.
Army of Two, armtwox360scrn00finalwm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrn12finalwm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrn13wm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrn28finalwm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrn92wm.jpg
Army of Two, armtwox360scrn93wm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrnchi01wm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrnchi02wm.jpg Army of Two, armtwox360scrnchi03wm.jpg  
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05 June 2007 23:32
mani wears a mask like that when he's doing the missus
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06 June 2007 10:34

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