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Saturday, May 12 2007

Aion: Tower Of Eternity Site Goes Live  by Craig D at 00:01

NCsoft send word that the teaser site for Aion: Tower of Eternity is now live, various new imagery and a couple of previsouly seen movies can be found at aiononline.com.

The official site entices browsers with stunning in-game screen shots, concept art and heart pounding game movie sequences. The site also provides the very latest information, via a series of game lore features that set the scene for the upcoming struggle in a world torn apart by bitter conflict. Fans of the game will be able to register their interest to receive the latest news, game information updates and future beta announcements, while also being able to link to the rapidly growing community of official fan sites from around Europe and the world. AION: THE TOWER OF ETERNITY is anticipated to go into beta during 2007.
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