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Tuesday, April 24 2007

WarHawk Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:30

There's alarge batch of new WarHawk screenshots in the gallery today. Incognito Entertainment's Playstation 3 motion sensing air combat game is due later this year.
WarHawk, screenshot122_1024.jpg WarHawk, screenshot129_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_1_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_11_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_12_1024.jpg
WarHawk, wh_shot_13_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_15_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_16_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_17_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_18_1024.jpg
WarHawk, wh_shot_2_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_3_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_5_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_6_1024.jpg WarHawk, wh_shot_9_1024.jpg
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28 April 2007 10:49
The original Warhawk was my 1st PS One game , this could be interesting

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