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Wednesday, April 18 2007

Dawn Of Magic Screenshots  by Craig D at 13:30

Three more Dawn of Magic screenshots have been released today. These show off three of the locations that are visited throughout the five acts of the game, Dawn of Magic will be available on April 27th.
Dawn of Magic, m_ot_00002_1024.jpg Dawn of Magic, _lor_0001_1024.jpg Dawn of Magic, _lor_0017_1024.jpg
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08 May 2007 10:28
can't wait to get my hands on this, just ordered a copy from an online retailer i have never heard of......free delivery and 22.99. has anyone heard of these people? site looks pretty cool, just hope its all above board
Posts: 2826
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08 May 2007 13:39
What people did you order it from ?
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08 May 2007 13:41
Our review should be online v.soon

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