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Wednesday, April 11 2007

CellFactor: Revolution Coming Soon For Free  by Craig D at 13:20

Artificial Studios and Immersion Games have announced that their first-person shooter CellFactor: Revolution, developed to show off the AGEIA PhysX processor will be available via download for free on May 8th. It also seems that the PhysX processor isn't required to play some parts of the game.

While part of the game is playable without the AGEIATM PhysX processor, those that the have PhysX accelerator will have access to the complete experience with noticeable gameplay benefits. The game will automatically detect players with a PhysX card, offering them the option to progress through the single-player campaign mode that includes three "extreme PhysX" levels. PhysX users can also challenge humans and AI-enemies in four LAN-based multiplayer modes. Gamers who do not have a PhysX processor will be able to fight artificial-intelligent controlled enemies in the multiplayer "skirmish" modes, in two environments.
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11 April 2007 14:38
Awesome! I had my eye on this, looks like a good laugh.

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