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Wednesday, March 07 2007

Conan Screenshots  by Craig D at 14:23

Twenty or so Conan screenshots can be found in the gallery today. Nihilistic Software's next-gen console action adventure is due in early 2008 and will also published by THQ.
Conan, 39377_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39378_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39379_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39380_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39381_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg
Conan, 39382_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39383_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39384_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39385_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39386_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg
Conan, 39387_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39388_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39389_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39390_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39391_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg
Conan, 39392_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39393_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39394_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39395_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg Conan, 39396_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg
Conan, 39397_conanmicrosoftx_1024.jpg  
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Posts: 1971
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07 March 2007 15:55
lol, half of them are photoshopped to shit
Posts: 2696
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07 March 2007 17:26
Aye they do look pretty rubbish.

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