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Wednesday, March 07 2007

Stuntman: Ignition Media  by Craig D at 14:18

Here's the first media from Paradigm Studios' Stuntman: Ignition, first up is a teaser trailer and some gorgeous screenshots which I believe are from the Xbox 360 version but the Playstation 3 version will no doubt look exactly the same.

The game will be published by THQ in the summer.
Stuntman: Ignition, 39342_stuntmanignitio.jpg Stuntman: Ignition, 39343_stuntmanignitio.jpg Stuntman: Ignition, 39353_stuntmanignitio.jpg Stuntman: Ignition, 39354_stuntmanignitio.jpg Stuntman: Ignition, 39355_stuntmanignitio.jpg
Stuntman: Ignition, 39356_stuntmanignitio.jpg Stuntman: Ignition, 39357_stuntmanignitio.jpg  
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