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Wednesday, March 07 2007

Ancient Wars: Sparta Screenshots  by Craig D at 12:55

There are nine new Ancient Wars: Sparta screenshots in the gallery today, a new trailer was also released but it has a huge file size without being all that great quality or even long to be honest so I didn't bother with it.

World Forge ancient Greek RTS is due later this month.

Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25589_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25590_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25591_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25592_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25593_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg
Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25594_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25595_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25596_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg Ancient Wars - Sparta, 25597_ancientwarsspar_1024.jpg  
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