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Friday, March 02 2007

Battlefield: Bad Company Screenshots  by Craig D at 15:36

Five Battlefield: Bad Company screenshots have been released today, these all look to be from the trailer which was released yesterday but they are at least in-engine shots and not cgi. Battlefield: Bad Company is EA/Dice's next console title in the Battlefield franchise, at present it's still scheduled for this year.
Battlefield: Bad Company, bfbdmultiscrnwwteaser1_1024.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, bfbdmultiscrnwwteaser2_1024.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, bfbdmultiscrnwwteaser3_1024.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, bfbdmultiscrnwwteaser4_1024.jpg Battlefield: Bad Company, bfbdmultiscrnwwteaser5_1024.jpg
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Posts: 102
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02 March 2007 17:43
Looks pretty good. I wonder what gameplay is like.
Posts: 1971
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04 March 2007 21:05
Looks like filthy lies to me
Posts: 346
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05 March 2007 13:55
it looks very good but, it wont be miltiplayer AND destructable 90%
I hope the next PC versin is an engineupgrade as 2142 NS etc.. look very dated now anyone with a decent gaming rig want to see beter graphics than ther eold one and this engine cant do it.
Posts: 6957
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05 March 2007 14:06
Bad Company is going to have a multi-player component. It's just not the primary focus of the game.

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