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Wednesday, February 07 2007

DEF JAM: ICON Demo Coming to Marketplace  by Craig D at 18:21

EA would like it be known the a playable demo of DEF JAM: ICON will hit Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow, that's Thursday the 8th, no times were mentioned though.

Incorporating hip-hop lifestyle and music into every aspect of the game, DEF JAM: ICON delivers the intensity of a no-holds-barred street fight but with style and rhythm. Music affects how players fight in each environment and avoiding hazards become a key strategy to staying alive.

Download the DEF JAM: ICON demo for an early look at the hip-hop lifestyle/fighting game. The demo showcases the gas station level and two hip-hop celebrity fighters, Big Boi and T.I. The game also features both hip-hop artists’ hits songs, Kryptonite (Purple Ribbon All-Stars Featuring Big Boi) and Top Back (T.I.)
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Posts: 974
Post rank 3 out of 5
08 February 2007 17:44
ill defo have to get this one
Posts: 2696
Post rank 5 out of 5
08 February 2007 20:44
Cant say I am impressed at all by this demo, pretty graphics but gameplay wise it aint all that.

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