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Friday, January 26 2007

Battlestations: Midway MP Demo  by Craig D at 21:31

Something for the weekend Sir? How about some Pacific theatre World War II combat action. The multi-player demo of Battlestations: Midway is now available for download, all 571mb of it.

The release trailer is also available and if you're not sure whether or not to try the demo give that a spin first. The final game ships (cough) on January 30th in the USA and on February the 9th on this side of the pond.
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Posts: 1198
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26 January 2007 22:05
Going to try this.
Posts: 346
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28 January 2007 15:36
yeah it looks like bf1942 without island and better graphics

might give it a try
Posts: 6
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29 January 2007 12:12
Anyone else having trouble connecting to Gamespy? I reset my account and was able to login on www.gamespy.com but the game does not accept my account. Damn if you want people to play your game don't throw up hurdles like this!
Posts: 6
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29 January 2007 12:45
Oh nevermind, I downloaded the latest Gamespy version and fiddles around a bit ingame and got to join a server. soz

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