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Saturday, January 20 2007

Crackdown Gold  by Craig D at 11:56

More catch-up from yesterday, Microsoft Game Studios also announced that Realtime Worlds' action-driving hybrid game Crackdown is now gold and will be on UK store shelves by the 23rd of February. Some if not all of those retail boxes will be marked with a special Halo 3 beta logo of some sort and the box should contain some sort of voucher or code to give you a chance to try Halo 3's mulitplayer early.

"The excitement for 'Crackdown’ is evident through the significant number of pre-orders and affirms the continued Xbox 360 momentum in 2007." stated Jeff Bell, Corporate Vice President Global Marketing in the Interactive Entertainment Business Entertainment and Devices Division at Microsoft Corp.

Those gamers anxious to get an early glimpse at the title will be able to enjoy the "Crackdown" demo available through Xbox Live Marketplace this month. And, as previously announced, "Crackdown" fans will be offered a special bonus with the purchase of each specially-marked copy – access to the coveted "Halo 3" Multiplayer Beta program.
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Posts: 114
Post rank 1 out of 5
20 January 2007 16:54
liking the look of this alot so depending on the demo looks like another def purchase for me. **** the halo3 key tho might sell it on ebay halo is shite
Posts: 288
Post rank 2 out of 5
20 January 2007 17:23
from what ive read and seen im really not that interested in crackdown, dunno just sounds like a pile of **** to me. I hope the demo proves me wrong but I wont be holding my breath
Posts: 156
Post rank 2 out of 5
20 January 2007 18:20
pretty sure the demo is out on the 21st so not long to wait to get an idea of what it plays like

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