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Sunday, January 14 2007

A Crysis game is Coming to Xbox 360?  by Craig D at 09:52

A 1up.com podcast seems to suggest that a Crysis game will be coming to the Xbox 360 but it's not the same game as the PC version that has so many people excited. Not sure if they should have been talking about this as we've yet to get any sort of official announcement.

Crysis-Online has an edited version of the podcast that just has the chat about Crysis.
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14 January 2007 12:52
Crytek have been banging on about how PC Crysis won't work on Xbox 360, so a spin-off with the same name is the logical way to go
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15 January 2007 20:59
that kind of makes the whole point of the (Direct) X box's useless if the games written for PC's dont just port as they are all written the same way. Vista and its DRM puts all that to waste wihich can only be bad for PC's a nd 360's and good for PS3's
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15 January 2007 21:14
silly post Paul, dx9 != dx10

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