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Tuesday, January 09 2007

DEFCON v1.3 Patch  by Craig D at 20:13

A new patch for Introversion Software's Wargames like strategy title is now available, version 1.3 is another tiny download at under 2mb. You should note that this version is NOT Steam compatible, if you bought the game on Valve's download service you will automatically get the update.

- New White Board system
Allies can now share a battle plan directly drawn on the world map.

- Additional option to change the player name directly from the option menu

- In the lobby, the last game name is now remembered

- Various minor improvements and fixes
-Restart Ambience and Music (if in a game) when applying a mod.
-Fix the crash when applying a mod removing sounds.
-It's now impossible to start a game with a empty name.
-Fix start up crash involving missing game name in game-history.txt.
-Don't advertise a new version on the main interface if the current version
is higher than the latest version advertised by the meta server.
-The version update link on the main interface is no more opened when
clicked if there is a menu over it.
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