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Thursday, January 04 2007

Sam & Max Episode 2: Situation Comedy Review  by James B at 23:24

Sam & Max Episode 2: Situation Comedy is up for download on the 5th of January (tomorrow!), after a month premiering on GameTap. In preparation we've taken a quick look at just how well Episode 2 compares to the previous outing.

Compared to their last outing, the puzzles in Situation Comedy are much more laid back , and indeed easier. Playing out much more like an interactive cartoon than ever before, the puzzles are so deftly interwoven with the narrative and jokes that solving them rarely becomes anything less than a hoot. One of the highlights comes early one, when Sam & Max must ad lib their way through a sitcom featuring a chicken with glasses, and a cow who lives in the lounge.
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05 January 2007 09:50
Well that's my plans for the weekend gone then {well 2 hours of them any way }

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