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Saturday, December 09 2006

Adverts Coming To Counter-Strike  by Matthew I at 00:56

In an interview with CS Nation, Valve's Doug Lombardi today announced that in-game adverts will soon be coming to CS 1.6. According to Mr. Lombardi one of the reasons valve is implementing these adverts is a philanthropic gesture towards mod makers. Time will of course tell as to whether this is a positive move or not.

As another example of ways that an advertising model may benefit the CS community, for a long time we’ve looked for new ways to let mod authors make money. Funding a game development project is currently a chicken and egg problem — you can’t get funding without having already built a great product, and you can’t build something great without money in the bank. If this experiment with advertising in CS 1.6 is successful, it may turn out that we’re able to help the next round of successful mods get off the ground because of ad revenue.

Thanks to Voodoo Extreme
Posts: 2103
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09 December 2006 01:42
If they add this will 1,6 become 1.7 at last?
Posts: 2826
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09 December 2006 02:23
At least this form of ingame advertising is helping the community in some respects instead of just grabbing extra cash for themselves.
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09 December 2006 11:08
i suppose thats a good point

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