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Thursday, December 07 2006

Attack on Pearl Harbor Screenshots  by Craig D at 19:32

There's eight Attack on Pearl Harbor screenshots in the gallery. 3d Peoples' Air combat flight-sim is due in Q1 2007 but some new screenshots being released today is quite poignant as it's 65 years to the day since Japan attacked the US pacific fleet in Pearl Harbor and brought the USA into World War II.

On a lighter note, the game itself will allow you play either side and fly a number of both American and Japanese planes.
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Posts: 548
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07 December 2006 19:47
love combat flight sim
Posts: 974
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07 December 2006 20:37
if this flight sim is just dogfighting and easy like thrust missiles and machine guns etc then i may play it otherwise it can piss off lol
Posts: 2826
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07 December 2006 22:35
I'm hoping it'll be as good as IL2 Sturmovik ! UL Matt

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