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Thursday, November 30 2006

Introversion to Create amBX Version of DEFCON  by Craig D at 16:55

Introversion Software have today announced that they are teaming up with Phillips to produce an amBX version of their popular indie strategy title DEFCON. Apparently amBOX is not only coloured LED lighting, but also a range of rumble peripherals and desktop fans placed around your room.

'In all honesty we were initially a bit skeptical about amBX – a lot of peripherals have been released on the PC that have added very little to the experience’ remarked Mark Morris, Managing Director of Introversion, 'but we recently visited the AmBX team in person and sat in their demo room, and the stuff they showed us just blew us away. The potential for this technology is enormous; we have only begun to scratch the surface, and there is undoubtedly a lot of exciting further experimentation we can do to maximize the gaming experience.’

'amBX and DEFCON are ideally suited to each other’, commented Chris Delay, Lead Developer at Introversion, 'With our third game DEFCON we spent a huge amount of time trying to create the atmosphere of being buried deep within an underground bunker, slowly ending the world in the last war that will ever be fought. amBX is ideally suited to enhancing that atmosphere, taking it out of the confines of what’s right in front of you on-screen, and expanding it into your whole room.’
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