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Wednesday, November 22 2006

Dark Sector Teaser Trailer  by Craig D at 01:01

OK; so far what we know is that in the Autumn of 2007, Digital Extremes will release a game called Dark Sector and it will be published by D3 Publisher, that's it.

Here's an interesting teaser trailer and a bit of blurb but we don't even know what platforms it's coming out on.

In the midst of a quarantined town, a hunted man tries to come to terms with what he is becoming. Pursued by heavily-armed guards, Hayden Tenno is undergoing a series of physical changes that are endowing him with strange new powers and altering his mental state. As he struggles to hold on to his humanity, Dark Sector presents one of the most involving and ground-breaking next generation experiences you have seen…
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22 November 2006 01:02
looks interesting

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