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Thursday, November 09 2006

Battlefield Community Update  by Craig D at 22:03

A new community update has been added to the Battlefield 2142 site that discusses changes in the upcoming Battlefield 2142 1.05 patch and also mentions a new patch for Battlefield 2 that's due soon, though a version number of 1.41 suggests it's just bug fixing.
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09 November 2006 23:09
Bugingfield 2142 !!!
i saw guys scoring 6000 points a round !!! lmao !
even if a skwad is flag hopping in the blackhawk + nade spamming + resupply
and 2 of em them are rapping the ennemy base with the bomber , the whole skwad wouldnt achieve that score !!!

.....and yet EA wants to reset single abusers.....how many guys are doing this just to get the +/- 100-150 points a round ?
they seriously did a big mistake on this one and i think the fairest would be to reset EVRYBODY after patch release !!!
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10 November 2006 05:42
yah isaw a guy get 20000 points in a round, I was like... tell me how to do that

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